It is the responsibility of the person hiring this inflatable to insure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury or damage to it. Please ensure that the following safety instructions are followed.

  1. All shoes, spectacles, jewellery, badges, and sharp objects MUST be removed before using the inflatable.

  2. All our inflables carry an age limit, which must be adhered to. Please insure that no-one over this age uses the equipment that is hired, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should they be used by adults, unless specifically designed to do so (i.e. suitable for the whole family or adults).

  3. No food, drinks or chewing gum is allowed on or near the inflatable, to avoid the possibility of choking and mess, (please note that if an inflatable is collected in an unacceptable condition) a cleaning charge will apply.

  4. No face paints, party poppers, coloured streamers or “silly string” will be used on or near the Castle, as they can permanently stain the unit.

  5. Climbing, hanging or sitting on the inflatable walls is VERY DANGEROUS and must not be allowed. Also ensure that the children are not attempting SOMERSAULTS and are clothed appropriately, taking care not to leave items in their pockets that could fall out and puncture the inflatable.

  6. You (“the hirer”) must ensure that there is adequate adult supervision at all times when the inflatable is in use.

  7. Always ensure that the inflatable is not overcrowded and limit numbers according to the age and size of children using it. Try to avoid large and small children using it at the same time.

  8. Ensure that children are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.

  9. Ensure that no-one with a history of back problems, or who is feeling unwell, is allowed to use the inflatable.

  10. Do not allow anyone to bounce on the front safety step as a child could be bounced off it and injured. The step is there to help users on and off the inflatable and NOT to be played on.

  11. Ensure that no-one is on the inflatable during the inflation or deflation process as this is dangerous.

  12. If the inflatable is not being in used for any part of the day, switch off the blower motor at the mains.

  13. No pets, toys or sharp instruments on or near the inflatable.

  14. The inflatable should not be used if the jumping area becomes wet.

  15. Rain covers are for light showers only, and we will not be held responsible for bad weather spoiling your day.

  16. In the event of heavy rain, it is strongly recommended that the inflatable should not be used and the motor disconnected from the mains power supply.

  17. You (“the hirer”) must ensure the inflatable is securely staked / sandbagged down at all times. DO NOT use in high winds.

  18. In the unlikely event that the blower motor fails, please ensure all users get off the inflatable immediately. The power supply should then be checked along with all hose connections. If the motor or the RCD circuit plug overheats, the RCD circuit plug should be switched off and left for 2 to 5 minutes and switch on again. If this fails to remedy the problem, contact us on 07760 839441.

  19. ONLY OUR DELIVERY DRIVER is authorised to collect the inflatable. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any of the equipment be handed over to anyone else unless authorised by us, in which case they will hold a copy of the hire contract.

  20. No smoking or barbecues near the inflatable.

  21. Please ensure the equipment is inflated for when our staff arrive to collect it if possible.

  22. Should external access be unavailable, we can deliver the inflatable through your property with your permission,and cannot be held responsible for any accidental damage caused to your property during delivery or collection.

  23. All Bouncy Castles out on hire must be in a secure garden / building including any over night hire.